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The islam legacy in Andalusia

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Alhambra - Muslim arrived here during the eight century and build a civilization when Europe proper was still in the dark ages. Science flourished, Fruits like apricots, oranges lemons and dates were introduced. Water so scarce in Northern Africa was plentiful and rushed down from the snowcapped Sierra Nevada directed by channels into palaces, small streams carry the cool liquid from fountains to gardens. 

In January 1492 the muslim reign ended as Grenada was surrendered to King Ferdinand. Abu Abdullah  shed tears when signing the surrender and cried out "Allah O'Akhbar" in his dispair. But his mother said "Cry you like a wiman iver a kingdom lost that you could not defend like a man"

Many muslims settled in Morocco, particularly in the king town Fez, where today a part is still called Al Andalus accommodating once the refugees from Spanish Analusia.

This superlative journey is beginning in Austria, we see Vienna, drive then throughthe mountains to the south to Carinthia. From there to Venice, visits includes the glass blowing factories at Moreno, drive on to Florence, Pisa and finally Rome.

Take the flight to Madrid/Spain. In Madrid we join the AVE a high speed train (300km/h) to Seville. An unforgettable experience. After Seville, we take our bus to Cordoba, to the grand mosque and old town, further to Granada world famous for the Alhambra.

Then fly via Barcelona to Vienna, Last shopping in the evening. And return to Singapore the next day.



The finest of Islamic architecture awaits you and many wonder some stories, such as this one.

“There was a Muslim king living who had permanent quarrel with his jealous foes, wanting to take his riches. One day a famous magician out of Egypt appeared at the doors of the Alhambra seeking rest from a long journey.

Just at this time the enemies army marched down from the Sierra Nevada towards Granada to ransack it and take booty, as it happen before.

The king called his army to defend Granada and face them. But the old philosopher held him back with the words: “Fear not my king. I will help you. Just bring me to the highest tower of the Alhambra.” Then king did so. Up there, Ajjub the philosopher took from his old pouch a chessboard, and placed on each square figures, resembling foot soldiers and horsemen.

Done so he gave the king his magic wand with the words:” No stir among them”

The moment the wand touched the figures, they sprung alive, but oh wonder, they fought each other, until the last one was lying there motionless.

“Oh Ajjub” screamed the king. “What is this to mean?”

My king, the army of your foe fell over each other and is no more.

To this day the legend is told how the approaching army driven by madness, fell over themselves.

“What shall I bestow on you Ajjub?” Asked the king. “Take all the treasures your mule can carry.”

“I’m old and a simple man” said the philosopher,. Just provide me a few dancing girls for the joy of my eyes. So it was. The philosopher sat in his cave the girls came and danced for him and the king had peace in his Alhambra for a long time.

When the Christians overrun the kingdom, Ajjub who could help, had long passed into another world.


 Tour guidance  Harun or experience local (Bruneian) who had experience traveling there.
Pax  4 - 12
 Dates 26 Sep to 10 Oct 2012
 Accommodations 3 - 4 star hotel or equivalent


Flight  From Singapore
Day 1 - Thrusday

- Depart from Singapore in the morning to Vienna (check in straight away)

- Sight-seeing

Day 2 - Friday

- Drive through the mountains to Carinthia our Mountain retreat or hotel (Overnight)

- Visit famous castle and torture chambers of the middle ages in Friesach in the afternoon. 

Day 3 - Saturday

- Drive to Venice about 4hrs through the limestone mountains. pleny of photo/ film possibilities

- Sight-seeing in Venice (Overnight)

Day 4 - Sunday  Enjoy Gondola ride
Day 5 -Monday  Travel to Firenze and Pisa (Overnight)
Day 6 - Tuesday  Travel to Rome Sight-seeing and overnight. 
Day 7 - Wednesday
 Rome Sight-seeing and then an evening flight to madrid (Overnight)
Day 8 - Thursday

- Travel to Seville using AVE train.

- Sight-seeing the capital of the Ummayad Caliphate founded 1200 years ago

- Overnight in Seville.

Day 9 - Friday

- Travel to Cordoba visit the grand mosque build in the 10th Century

- Travel to Granada, overnight.

Day 10 - Saturday

- Early morning, line up for tickets to enter the famous Alhambra.

- Sight-seeing tour in Grenada in the afternoon.

Day 11 - Sunday

- Sight-seeing tour.

- Shopping or at your leisure.

Day 12 - Monday
 Morning flight to Vienna via Barcelona. Check-in to a hotel
Day 13 - Tuesday
 Vienna last shopping in the morning and departure in the afternoon to Singapore
Day 14 - Wednesday
 Arrive in Singapore in the afternoon
   Price US$5,830.-
   Single Surcharge US$530.-
   Note: Price including flights, meals, accommodation and AVE train.